4 of The Biggest Mistakes I Made As A DJ

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The 4 of the biggest mistakes I made as a DJ is not something fairly easy for me to talk about. I’m asking myself to admit my biggest mistakes and then share them with everyone in hopes that not only as DJs, but as artists you wont make the same mistakes. I can easily date back to when I first started on my journey as a musician and I can tell you a million things I wish I would’ve not done or figured out sooner but there are always those few couple mistakes that hit you the hardest.


1. Too busy to care -

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When my wheels started to get some motion and I quickly picked up speed it became hard for me to appreciate all this extra attention I was getting. It was all happening so fast that I had no idea how to react and I think that started to come off as what some people would call “Big Headed” only it wasn’t that, it was more like “Wait, you like my stuff? Really? Are you sure? Hmmm…” . A year or so later I would beat myself up almost everyday for not stepping up to who my new fans wanted me to be and in turn I lost a lot of self confidence. Be ready as your time will also come when you get noticed for your hard work and people will want to take pictures with you, ask for your advice and maybe even your autograph! Treat each person like the individual they are and make sure you love each and every one of your fans because without them we’d be nothing.


2. Local Hostility -


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Along with all the new friends I was getting I also made a couple enemies who weren’t too happy with my recent achievements. Being the young hot head I was I paid attention to all of it and responded to almost every shot that was fired at me instead of ignoring the negativity and focusing on my music. All the time spent going back and forth with this was valuable time I wasted not to mention the toll it took on my public image, no one wanted to hear negative things being said by someone trying to spread a positive message. My suggestion is to ignore 99% of the negative things thrown at you and use that 1% as an added motivation to keep you going!


3. Mistaking “Good” with “Master” -

After several very successful performances I thought I had everything down, I learned and knew everything I needed and would ever need….WRONG. I had 90% of my music library memorized and knowing that made me comfortable to the point where little by little I stopped practicing. I was good and I knew that but I was far from being a master, something I didn’t know, and so I went from practicing almost every day to 2 times or less a week and it was all downhill from there. Put in the hours and practice no matter how confident or satisfied your are you can always be and do better. I have always liked this quote and it is one I now live by!

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4. Thinking one is the same as the other -

Back in October of 2012 I made a HUGE decision to go from Turntables, which is all I knew, to the new Pioneer CDJ-2000 nexus  CD players. I was as happy if not happier than when I first bought my first DJ set 5 years before only I didn’t expect to have to start all over. I had never in my life used these so after a week or two of trying to get my groove going with this new equipment I felt defeated. I started to question my decision not only financially but also because I know felt threatened by this new set because I didn’t know how to work it. Here I am 4 months later and I am glad to say that after long hours practice I began to get the hang of it and developed a new kind of style in the process. I feel a lot more freedom with this new set so even though it didn’t seem like it at first, I made the better decision for the long run!

CDJ set

What set up looks like


What are some mistakes you’ve made as an artist? Let it all out in the comments below!

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