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DJ and Guam native Jia Wang speaks to Reign Media Group about his experiences as a musician in the industry and his upcoming shows.

Upcoming Show Dates:
03/01 – Curiosity at The Cathouse
03/01 – Frenzy Afterhours at Avalon
03/07 – Exchange LA (Gallery Room)
03/15 – Exchange LA (Gallery Room)
03/17 – Back2Basics Sunday Series at Couture (Resident launch)
04/03 – Time, Manila Philippines
04/06 – The Globe, Guam USA

Reign Media Group: Was becoming a DJ always your plan? Tell me about your life growing up and how you realized that music was something you wanted to pursue career wise.
Jia Wang: Actually no. I played a lot of sports growing up, mainly basketball… I’ve always wanted to play professionally growing up, but when that didn’t happen I felt like there was a big void in my life.  When I got in to Electronic Music seven years ago, it all of a sudden revived this passion I haven’t felt since my good ol’ basketball days.  That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue my career in this industry not just as a DJ, but as someone who make things happen behind the curtains… and help sustain and grow the overall scene locally and globally.

RMG: What genre of music do you feel most comfortable playing?
JW: Tech-House, techno, and deep house. The Hi-Hats are infectious while the Drums and Bass-lines are just too heavy to not fall in love with.

RMG: What is your favorite Los Angeles venue for house music?
JW: There are 2 at the moment.  The first one is the Terrace at Avalon (Bardot) because it’s one of the few venues in LA where I can truly play what I want to play. It’s also where I landed my first L.A. residency through Steve Prior’s Friday Night afterhours, Frenzy Afterdark. It really pushed my audio boundaries to a new height DJ’ing there week in and week out.  Because of that residency it eventually opened up a lot of doors for me here in L.A. so Frenzy Afterdark at The Terrace of Avalon will always have a special place in my heart.

The Second is the Gallery room at Exchange LA.  I love playing to an intimate crowd but what’s great about the Gallery room is their sound system, you wouldn’t think they would stick such a raw system in there but they did and they let you crank it up.  I always have a good time there plus they’ve been doing some great bookings that cater to both spectrum of electronic music.

RMG: Can you tell us a little about the little tour/show dates that you’re doing. Is it in partnership with anyone? What can people expect from these shows? You’re also going to the Philippines and Guam. What are your expectations for that?
JW: My upcoming dates in March consist of a few rotating residencies I currently hold in L.A. as well as special events I got booked to play in.

Curiosity at Cathouse (Basement of Tru Hollywood) is a new Friday bi-weekly event hosted by my team (6am Group) and our partners at Like-Minded. This event was started with the central idea of showcasing local talents who have the same passion for the Deeper sound of Electronic Music.  I’m scheduled to play there this Friday doing a b2b with TenTen One along with our guest Anton Tumas and Curiosity resident Jamie Charles following immediately by Frenzy Afterhours down the street at Avalon with Steve Prior & Co.

I’m also scheduled to play at Exchange LA (Gallery Room) on March 7th for a Thursday Night Special event hosted by StudioBox Ent. and again in the Exchange Gallery Room on the 15th for Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland pre-party. On Sunday, March 17th I’ll be kicking off my new residency at Couture for the Back2Basics Sunday Series presented by Monday Social joined by some of LA’s highly respected DJs.  You can expect good vibes and a unique track selection as I make sure every set I play is never the same.  What’s interesting about these upcoming shows is they’re all
different in terms of slot time, location, setting and vibe so I’m interested to see what kind of sounds I’ll be selecting as I prep for the shows.

I’ll be on a two week break after the 17th preparing for my shows in Manila and Guam which takes place on April 3rd and April 6th respectively.  The two shows are actually pre-promotion events for Guam’s first Electronic Music concert happening this Summer, more details will be revealed in the coming months so that should keep me busy for the time being.

RMG: Who are some DJs who have influenced your style of music?
JW: Nic Fanciulli, Danny Tenaglia, DJ Dan, Marco Carola and Doc Martin. Gotta show some local LOVE for Doc.

RMG: What are three tips/advice you have for aspiring DJs/Producers?
JW: 1) Learn and Understand the Business side of this industry. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and you’ll be able to get what you want faster if you understand the dynamic of the business and understand why things happen the way it does.

2) Build the right relationships with the right people. This isn’t something that can happen overnight and you definitely don’t want to force it or else people will see right through your intentions.  There’s really no right formula for this part as it comes down to each individual’s personality and the synergy you create with the people you are trying to work with.  Once you’ve built that key relationship you’ll start to see a lot more doors open up.  It’s not a secret and it actually applies to any industry you’re trying to break in to.

3) Be patient. Whether you’re trying to land a gig you really want or get signed to a important label being patient allows yourself to be disciplined.  It’s something I’m trying to work on as well since I’m normally a very anxious person that wants immediate results.  I’ve learned over the years that being patient and letting things happen on its own is the only way to not lose your mind.  If you don’t land that gig or get signed to the label it’s not the end of the world, move on with your next plan.

RMG: Tell us about a challenge you had to face as  an artist and how you overcame it.
JW: One of the challenge I had to face and overcome was realizing that my friends and the people who supported me week in and week out were getting burned out and the following I once had were quickly diminishing.  At the time it didn’t really register in my head why they’ve slowly stopped coming out to my gigs but as time went on I came to understand that it’s hard to keep up with this lifestyle especially if you’re not deeply involved in it like I am.  It was hard to overcome this fact at first, but I’ve managed to look at things from their perspective and understand the possible reasons.  I know they all still support me whether or not they show up to my gigs; most of them still come out to important ones and I’m grateful that they have been there with me along the way. It’s something that I just need to deal with and move forward in this journey.

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Jazmin Ocampo
February 25, 2013 Reply

Awesome interview!

Edward De la Torre
February 25, 2013 Reply

Being a photographer I can relate to figuring out the business sides of a creative field. If you’ve fused business & your passion you’ll inevitably have to deal with the challenges that come with running your own business — unless you can afford to have someone else do that!

I’d like to hear more about the business challenges that have arisen in your dealings as a DJ.

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