How to Become a DJ: Part 4

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How to Become a DJ

(Part 4 – How do I promote myself?)

From the How to become a DJ series by DJ Shot

In this installment of “How to Become a DJ,” I will cover one of the hardest things have a time doing. Getting noticed or attracting attention isn’t always easy when the industry is full of talented artists. How is your work going to stand out? Who do you tell? Where do you put your work for people to see it? I know you have a million questions and I hope to answer them so you can begin on your journey to self promotion!

How is my work going to stand out?

The first of many methods you should practice before you can consider yourself a big shot is MASTER YOUR CRAFT. In order for your work to stand out, it has to be yours and yours only. What part of your sound makes you different from any other person who can afford equipment?  Why else would anyone want to listen? If you sound like every other DJ, you’ll just blend in and people will probably never listen or distinguish you from the rest. Harsh, but it is the reality of not just me but people in general.

Become the lonely goldfish in the tank and by that, I mean do what you like, but include your own twist! Separate yourself and allow yourself to grow like the goldfish myth, (they grow depending on the size of the tank you put them in so big tank = big fish) except make it true. Imagine you’re in this tank alone working on your craft for a year and then someone throws you back in a tank with a bunch of other goldfish…guess what, you’re the biggest one there and obviously the only one who stands out getting all the attention!

Who Do I Tell?

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how to become a dj


[column size="2-2"last="1"style="0"] You might want to jump around and start telling everyone about your newfound profession but just make sure you tell everyone when YOU ARE READY to show off your skills! Below I’ve listed some essentials to get your name out there and have people to start recognizing who you are as an artist.

  • Tell all your friends and family so you can start doing small house parties for practice.
  • Start Facebook page and have your friends and Family “like” it. Use this page to promote your work!
  • Sign up for Soundcloud or Mixcloud  which are both free and upload your mixes.
  • Get a logo done with your name and put it on a business card that you can pass out to anyone you meet.
  • Make yourself available to DJ family parties and all kinds of house parties as practice.

Once you get these things done, you should be well on your way to a great start of self promotion. If you need me to go into further detail feel free to use the comment box below and I’ll help you any way I can!
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 From the How to become a DJ series by DJ Shot

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